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With a variety of different roof bars, Thule have you covered no matter what your needs. Each bar comes in a number of different sizes each intended for different vehicle shapes, be sure to check your car’s dimensions before ordering to make sure you get a bar that fits.

Thule WingBar

The Thule WingBar is the quietest safe load bar available. Using WindDiffuser technology, the wing shaped profile mixed with a structured rubber-insert helps reduce sound energy by 90%. Not only does the shape help reduce sound, but drag as well. Thanks to the aerodynamic properties, force is reduced by 55%, saving you money on fuel consumption too.

Thule SlideBar 89x

The Thule SlideBar 89x offers unique bi-directional sliding functionality allowing you the easiest possible loading. The ingenious T-tracks used allow users to slide accessories into place on the track, meaning that the full bars can be used for attaching several accessories at once. User security is also increased thanks to the snap-lock functionality and lockable bars, making this one of the most user friendly roof bar on the market.

Thule SquareBar

The Thule SquarBars are made up of black plastic coated steel, creating a strong as well as aesthetically pleasing bar. Whilst lacking the aerodynamic design of the WingBar and the features of the SlideBar, the SquareBar makes up for this in price. An affordable entry level bar that more than delivers on quality and is great for those just getting into roof racks.

Thule ProBar 39x

The Thule ProBar 39x features a unique tri-slot design, which allows multiple accessories to be fitted at once. This opens up the flexibility to combine a range of accessories that simply slide onto the bars and lock into place. With the ability to add so many different accessories to the bars, they must be sturdy too. Each bar is capable of holding up to 50kg, meaning a total of 200kg can be attached if you have all four bars mounted.

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